A Collection of Select Press Highlights


“...stamped with Exeter’s signature—and it sold out just two and a half minutes after launching..”

- SAsha X ela handbags

"It’s the first product launch for Exeter—a big step in the career of an influencer..." 

"...they made it their goal to support the talent of the BIPOC community and reflect it in the creative collaboration process..." 

"...This chic limited-edition belt bag in vegan black croc leather...is a brilliant collab between Canadian handbag designer Ela Aldorsson and entrepreneur Sasha Exeter..."

"Local designer Ela Aldorsson and influecner and entrepreneur Sasha Exeter are collaborating to create a limited edition belt bag..."

"Exeter’s combination of strength and vulnerability—and her commitment to health and wellness—made her one of the most beloved Canadian content creators..."

"Sasha Exeter Shares Her Stylish Wish List for the Holidays...Here, Sasha Exeter shares her chic gift edit. Spoiler alert: You’re going to want everything."

"...Sasha Exeter sits relaxed at her kitchen island while the sunlight pours into her contemporary condo in Toronto's west end, the picture of grace under fire. "


"Thankful. Today and everyday!”