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March 14, 2013

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olivia bee purple haze

I don’t know about you, but I love hearing about girls or women that are on the rise, making a name for them self and on the road to uber success – I was so thrilled when I heard about 18 year old photography prodigy Olivia Bee, I was literally picking my mouth up from the floor when I started looking into her story. I first stumbled upon her work when she shot Zosia Mamet, who plays the innocent and fast talking “Shoshanna” on the HBO hit “GIRLS”, for New York Times. I couldn’t believe how such a young woman could have cultivated such an artistic talent and clearly I’m not the only that has been impressed with her images – she has already shot campaigns for some of the largest global brands.

Zosia Mamet shot by Olivia Bee

Zosia Mamet shot by Olivia Bee

Zosia Mamet (“Shoshanna” on HBO’s GIRLS) captured by Olivia Bee for New York  Times

Currently residing (and living financially independent may I add) in Brooklyn, New York, the Oregon born cutie has already had her work displayed in galleries all over the world. I am sure if you think back to what you were doing at the age of 18, you would cover your face in shame. Ms. Bee has been shooting since she was 11 after taking a photography class in the sixth grade and turned professional by the age of 15. So I am guessing this would make this wonder child photography’s version of teenage fashion maven and blogger Tavi Gevinson. You are probably wondering how this young lady has blown up…Olivia began posting the images she took during school of her friends, which have a documentary feel to them, onto her Flickr account and quickly developed a cult following. Converse was the first company to notice her and took a risk by requesting her services for a campaign. Since then, it has been non-stop for the porcelain  faced teenager as she has since done work for Nike, Hermes, Subaru, Levi’s and Fiat, just to name a few.

Olivia Bee for Hermes

Olivia Bee Hermes

Hermes A/W 2012 Campaign shot by Olivia Bee (photo from

Olivia Bee for Nike

Nike Commercial Campaign shot by Oliva Bee (photo from

Olivia Bee for Fiat

Fiat Campaign shot by Olivia Bee (

Olivia Bee for Converse

Converse Commercial Campaign shot by Olivia Bee (photo from

Olivia Bee for Levi

Levi’s Campaign shot by Olivia Bee (photo from

If there is one thing you must do today…check out Bee’s website to view her phenomenal portfolio. And if you are anything like me, her site will have you feening for more photo eye candy, so obvi your next stop should be heading to Google images – where you will find a plethora of the artists’ stills that can’t be found on her website. Here are some of my faves…

Olivia Bee Photography

Olivia Bee Photography

Olivia Bee Photography

Olivia Bee Photography

Olivia Bee Photography

Tavi Gevinson shot by Olivia Bee

Fashion/Blogger “It Girl” Tavi Gevinson shot by Olivia Bee (photo courtesy of Google Images)

Olivia Bee self portrait - Purple Haze

Olivia Bee, self portrait titled: “Purple Haze”

With such abundant talent and success at such an earlier age, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for Olivia Bee in the future. You heard it here first kids…this chick is going to be the next Annie Lebovitz!



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