How Nike Training Club Motivates Women in Toronto

February 26, 2014

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NTC Week Toronto

Although Nike makes it convenient for us to sweat it out and get fit on our own time with the Nike + Training App, sometimes we find comfort and support training alongside other women. The brand really understands the importance of this and facilitates this need with various programs such as NTC Week, NTC Live Tours and local consumer workouts weekly at Toronto’s Academy of Lions Crossfit Gym.

To help us stay motivated with our goals for the year Nike initiated NTCWeek a few weeks ago in which I challenged you guys to join me in completing one work out a day using the N+TC App. The week rounded off with a group workout that was open to the public at the Sound Academy, where over 100 women burned cals and gained fuel points by participating in a workout led by Canada’s Nike Master Trainer Eva Redpath –  followed by an amazing brunch prepared by Oliver & Bonacini events.

Nike NTC Week Toronto

NTCfit Toronto

NTCWeek Toronto

I am a perpetual goal setter but I am human and fall of track from time to time. Recently I got a chance to speak with Canadian Olympic snowboarder Spencer O’Brien about fitness goal setting in hopes to get some insight so we can all continue on our fitness and health journey:

S.S.     What are your thoughts on setting New Year’s fitness resolutions?

Spencer O’Brien: I think resolutions can be a great way for people to motivate themselves to make healthy and positive changes in their lives. When resolutions are realistic, and you have a plan to achieve them, they can be really inspiring. However, many people over commit, setting unrealistic goals with no strategy or tools to achieve them. This can lead to people feeling discouraged and frustrated, rather than motivated and empowered.

So Sasha:    Any other reasons why some may find it difficult to stay on track?

Spencer O’Brien: As with achieving any big goal, it is not easy and requires you to really assess and change your current lifestyle. There are hundreds of reasons why people fail at achieving their health & wellness goals every day. Instead I’d focus on how you can reset and recharge your goal – and trust me, even professional athletes have to do this.

– Set small goals that are realistic, achievable and clearly defined. Don’t wait for aspirational changes

– Aim for and celebrate small, short-term successes. Break your bigger goal down into smaller monthly goals that are less intimidating. I love the new N+TC app because it allows you to set four week training programs, which break down your bigger resolutions down into daily achievable goals

– Find what works for you and your schedule, budget and lifestyle. Adding short bursts of intense effort can fire up your metabolism and fast-track results

– Do what you love. For me, that’s snowboarding. For you, it could be running, yoga, burpees, plyometrics, strength training or something else that gets you excited to sweat

To stay updated on Nike Training Club events in your city or join an NTC class open to the public, you can find more information and register for a session on the Nike Training Club Facebook page.

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