Frequent Flyer In-Flight Essentials

October 26, 2014

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Frequent Flyer In-Fight Essentials

I used to have a difficult time on long-haul flights often suffering from extreme boredom, nausea, occasional claustrophobia and severe skin dryness but now I think I have this “frequent flyer” thing down pat. Although I hate the process of checking in, security and customs, I have come to relish the quiet time I have during a flight and enjoy catching up on some much needed sleep, writing, reading and newly released films. Over the week I have spent some considerable time traveling with the Nike Canada team covering the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco and Nike Women Summit in New York City and had pleasant in-flight experiences with the help of a few of my “MUST-HAVE” items.


evian facial mist

I like to keep my make-up minimal when traveling…I mean, how else do you expect me to fall asleep on the shoulder of the passenger beside me without leaving a makeup imprint from my face behind? Therefore, while on board I’m sans makeup with the exception of a neutral colour lip balm like Smith’s Rosebud Salve, which has proven to be a lifesaver and frequently spray my face and neck with Evian Facial Spray. The cabin air is stale and dry, which can be harsh on the skin. Evian mist not only moisturizes but also refreshens and tones as well.  I always purchase the 50ml bottle, which is small enough to not cause issues with the TSA regulations. For additional skin hydration I lather on Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream and Moroccanoil’s Hand CreamPrior to landing, I usually apply a bold lipstick like a classic Chanel red or Ruby Woo by MAC to brighten up my face and Younique mascara to open up my tired eyes. Last but not least, with this ebola virus scare and just germs in general, it’s imperative to carry hand sanitizer. The smell of hand sanitizer bothers me but L’Occitane En Provence’s Lavender Hand Purifying Gel has lavender and other essential oils that makes it smell heavenly.


next issue

As a lover of fashion and interior design, I am usually the girl with 200 page magazines in my carry-on luggage complaining my bag is too heavy BUT that issue is now a thing of the past with Next Issue.  Its a genius app that can be downloaded onto your computer or fave wireless devices that gives you access to over 100 of the best magazines in the world. On my way from Toronto to San Francisco I spent the entire flight reading the latest issues of InStyle Architecture’s Digest, and Vogue. If I’m not knocked out catching up sleep, working, or reading, I am watching movies or listening to endless music on Spotify  with my Revo Wireless headphones from Jabra that turn out to be perfect for drowning out the sound of a baby crying.


dream water

Sleep is ideal when heading to a destination where there is a time zone difference and seeing as though my sleeping pattern is pretty erratic, I usually require a bit of assistance. A sleep mask is mandatory for early morning flights and I’m really digging my new chic Agent Provocateur Eye Mask – it does a superb job at blocking out annoying sunlight pouring through the windows.  I also discovered a product called Dream Water a few months ago…it’s so brilliant, I can’t travel without it.  It’s an all natural, drug free sleep aid that contains a mixture of GABA (Gamma Amminobutyric Acid) and Melatonin; both supplements to aid to relaxation and sleep.  Just a small sip of Dream Water and I’m asleep until the Pilot announces our decent to our arrival city. Last but not least, I always make sure to have Aleeve on hand when traveling. There is nothing worst than putting a wrench in your travel plans by arriving in another country or city with a headache.

Also, I always keep these “must-haves” stored in a backpack or large hand bag that easily fits underneath the seat in front of me. If it’s packed in a case it will stay above me in the overhead compartment the entire flight.  Tweet me and let me know what some of your in-flight “Must Haves” are @sashaexeter!

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