Sea to Sky 2015 Chevrolet Colorado Experience

June 10, 2015

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When I started, I had absolutely no idea where it would take me. My job has given me the opportunity to embark on amazing journeys but this month’s Sea to Sky Chevrolet Colorado adventure was one of the most extraordinary experiences that I will never forget. If someone told me a year ago I would be hiking over 600 meters of The Stawamus Chief; the world’s second tallest freestanding granite monolith, paddle boarding on the tranquil waters of Brohm Lake, mountain biking down a mind blowing single-track in the mountains and driving a pick-up truck in Squamish, I would have never believed it. Never to say no to a challenge, I quickly accepted an invitation to head to Squamish, British Columbia, dubbed the “Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada” to get out of my automotive comfort zone and push my physical boundaries.

Sea to Sky Chevy ColoradoSea to Sky Summit bridge

A  runner and wanna-be cyclist I may be, but a hiker and mountain biker I am most certainly not. Our very first excursion was to take on intermediate mountain biking with the team from Sea to Sky Adventure Company. Squamish is well known for their bike trails all over the world. Not your average recreational ride, we were treated to a hairy raising, technical route that featured leg-searing climbs, steep defends complete with narrow bridges, rocks, roots and spectacular views.

Sea to Sky Chevrolet Colorado

Sea to Sky Chevrolet Colorado

Sea to Sky Chevrolet Colorado

Sea to Sky Chevy Colorado

Sea to Sky Chevorlet Colorado

For someone who is relatively fit and not afraid of heights, a hike seems reasonable enough, however a three hour hike up the steep elevating grain of the Chief to it’s first peak was enough to prove that I was not as physically fit as I thought. We battled it out gingerly climbing up slick rock surfaces and some inclines were so steep that we were forced to use iron ladders and rope to assist in our ascend. Similar to running a race, the final 20 minutes of the trek were the hardest but we were promised by our amazing guide Aaron that the views would be all worth it in the end. And sure enough, he was right. It was alarmingly breathtaking. We were unable to find words for the first few moments at the top. The irony in this excursion, we had thought the climb up was tough, but it was in fact far more challenging heading back down to terre firma.

Shannon FallsPicturesque Shannon Falls – the first scenic top on route to the top of the Stawamus Chief

Sea to Sky Chevrolet Colorado


From the mountains high up in the sky, we brought it back down to ground level and hit up beautiful Brohm Lake for SUP. An acronym I was unfamiliar with until this trip, SUP stands for “Stand Up Paddle Boarding” and in case you’re wondering, is almost as challenging as regular surfing. It’s an amazing full body workout that also requires exceptional balance. We glided along these calm waters for what seemed like hours. Secluded from the entire world, it was the most at peace I had been for as long as I could remember. Plus our amazing guide Alistair from our bike tour rejoined us for the last stop on our whirlwind outdoor adventure.

Sea to Sky Chevorlet Colorado

This trip could have only been made possible with one vehicle and that’s the all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. This mid-size pick up took my photographer Nathalia and I through the city streets of Vancouver, a winding 1.5 hour scenic drive up the Sea to Sky highway and seamlessly to each location for our “choose your own adventure” activation. After spending some considerable time in the Colorado, I discovered there are a few things I can no longer live without; 1) turn by turn navigation and 2) 4G LTE high speed wifi connectivity – both powered by On-Star. These sweet little luxuries, which will soon become necessities, had a powerful enough connection through the mountains for all our devices. We were able to stream our fave playlists on Soundcloud, surf the web, check email, edit images and post real time video content on snapchat. With the Colorado’s roomy interior cabin (providing 3 inches more rear leg room over’s it competition) and lower profile, by the time we arrived in Squamish we had completely forgot we were driving in a truck and not a sedan.


So here’s the skinny, the Colorado took on city driving like a champ but the real question is, could it handle all the demands of our intense outdoor  itinerary? The truck’s innovative GearOn™ storage system is what set’s this mid-size pickup apart from the rest. It features two-tier loading with reconfigurable cross rails and a unique bed divider that helped organize and secure all of our belongings underneath the Thule system, which also made it surprisingly simple to store our bikes and SUP boards. I am far more open to trying to new activities than experimenting with different vehicle types. I like what I like and I know what I know, but after this trip, my preconceived notions about driving a pickup truck have vanished for good. Apparently I am not the only one, the Chevy Colorado’s largest target market of buyers are currently women!


Sea to Sky Chevrolet Colorado

Chevrolet-Colorado-Squamish2015-01Photography by Nathalia Allen and General Motors Canada

Thank you General Motors team and Chevrolet brand for this experience of a lifetime and also Adventure Drive/Odyssey International, Sea to Sky Gondola, Sea to Sky Adventure Company and our amazing tour guides. Click here for more information on pricing, accessory + GearOn™ options and tech specs for the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. To view additional photos of this spectacular trip, search the hashtag #ChevyColorado on Twitter and Instagram.

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