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March 9, 2016

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Degree #BeTheMovement

One of my major rules to live by is making sure I move at least once a day. I can almost hear you say, “sure, that’s easier said than done!” but today as a society, we move less than we have ever before. Between commuter traffic, jobs that keep us strapped to our desks, and let’s be honest, freezing temps during the winter that makes us want to stay inside with a glass of red wine, it’s sometimes hard to find the time or motivation to exercise. Trust me, I get it, but this is actually the reason we have to make an effort to make fitness and wellness a priority for ourselves.

Degree #BeTheMovement

It doesn’t matter if you’re a self-proclaimed workout fiend or just the type to partake in an occasional sweat sesh, we all fall victim of getting in a workout rut from time to time. I am definitely in one right now. When I am feeling uninspired, I use it as an opportunity to look for cool and unique new workouts to try out that are so fun, I actually forget I am working out.  In an effort to get my Hannah Bronfman on, I decided to challenge myself to a session of aerial yoga at Fly Queen West.

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Whether I am running a 10k, spinning/cycling or doing a restorative yoga class my sweat does not discriminate, which is why my antiperspirant is one of the most important parts of my beauty regimen each day. After years of using the same deodorant, I was recently introduced to Degree Women ActiveShield Dry Spray Antiperspirant and now I could’t think of using anything else for sweat protection. Why does it work so well? With my lifestyle, I need an antiperspirant that can withstand my super busy schedule and keeping me smelling just as fresh at the end of the day as I did when I started it. This level of protection is only possible because of its 3 part anti-bacterial system to help control sweat and its MOTIONSENSE technology to protect from odour as you move. The best part, it goes on completely dry meaning no awkward white clumps under my arms or residue left behind on my favourite garments like this bodysuit from Adidas Women’s SS16 collection. Degree understands the importance of exercise in everyday life and I am teaming up with them this year as part of their #BeTheMovement campaign to help motivate and encourage others to keep moving so we can all enjoy the benefits that come along with leading an active lifestyle.

Degree #BeTheMovement

Degree #BeTheMovement

Aerial yoga, also referred to by some as anti-gravity yoga, combines the practice of traditional Hatha yoga with beautiful silk hammocks that are suspended from a few feet off the ground. I may be a lot of things but I will admit, flexible is not one of them. I find it difficult to get into certain postures due to my lack of hip and ankle flexibility because of my injuries and the brilliant thing is – the beautiful silk hammocks in the studio actually served a purpose and just aren’t pretty to look at. Similar to a block or strap, they are intended to assist with alignment while executing more challenging moves, deepens awareness while also providing the immediate benefits of spinal decompression. Completely out of my element, which was a bit daunting I have to admit, I forced myself to relinquish my fear of solely relying on a silk sheet to stop me from dropping on my head during inversions. Once I let go, trusted my body and my amazing instructor Kaye to help guide me through the positions; something amazing happened. Tight muscles and joints began to slowly loosen up. I was able to get deeper into certain positions and I actually started to have fun. It was like some sort of therapeutic treatment that had me giggling like a 6 year old and ending on a complete high.

Degree #BeTheMovement

 Why should you give aerial yoga a try? Here are 5 reasons…

 1) Total Body Workout: Due to the nature of the workout almost all body parts are forced to move and stretch. Toning, redefining, regenerating and strengthening the muscles and joints are happening during the workout.

2) Improves Balance: While going against gravity is obviously super fun, aerial yoga also helps with balance and stability in daily activities as well.

3) Aids Digestion: The different types of stretches and movements can help in healing various digestion related issues including constipation and indigestion.

4) Increases Strength: Aerial yoga also improves strength and flexibility, which is a huge bonus for those who run or cycle. The core workout is really beneficial for runners and helps them increase stamina and is the perfect active recovery exercise to help re-set muscles and joints.

5) Mood Elevator: The first thing I was told by one of Fly Queen West’s owner’s was, “I dare you not to smile during your entire workout!”  Well, that was a bet I was no doubt going to lose because it’s impossible not to smile while flipping upside down and hanging from the ceiling. It gets your adrenaline going and releases “happy” hormones like serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine, which boost your mood and gives you energy.

Degree #BeTheMovementPhotography by Jillian Botting

Although not as intense as my typical HIIT (high intensity interval) style workout, I still managed to break a bit of sweat during my aerial yoga experience. As beautiful as these poses are to look at, don’t for one second think that it doesn’t require some strength and balance to execute properly. There’s no better way to get out of a workout rut than finding an activity that is so fun, you forget you’re even working out. For more information on this workout, check out

Degree Women Dry Spray Antiperspirant is available now in stores nationwide. Use the hashtag #BeTheMovement and make sure to follow me on Instagram as I will be sharing more out of the box workouts and small changes you can make everyday to stay active, healthy and happy!

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