The Buddy Workout: Guaranteed To Keep You Motivated

March 22, 2016

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BFF Sweat Sesh

Catching up with your homegirl over lunch or drinks is cool but in my opinion, girl talk during a sweat sesh is even better. The beauty of working out with your BFF; not only will you be spending the time together but you’ll also work out much harder than you would if you were in the gym solo. You can’t flake out! To help kick off your spring workout routines, we’re sharing a fun but fierce head to toe workout that will deliver results you will notice in just a few weeks.

What you’ll need: a medicine ball (you choose your poison, or shall I say weight), a resistance band and a friend that’s willing to get sweaty with you like my gal pal and culinary contributor Kristen Vander Hoeven. Before getting down to business with your partner in crime, you’re going to need to do a short warm-up to get the body warm and the blood flowing. Run on a treadmill at a relaxed pace, skip rope or run around the block. Then go through each of the exercises below. Rest only as necessary and every third move, do a cardio blast exercise for 30 seconds (i.e burpees, high knees or jumping jacks).

 BFF Sweat Sesh

Rotational Medicine Ball Toss

Your partner rotates her upper body with the medicine ball completely away from you. Then immediately rotates her upper body towards you and releases ball. You catch the ball and execute the same sequence by rotating completely away, then back to her. Continue to pass the ball for 30 seconds on each side.

BFF Sweat Sesh

Plank Jumps

One partner holds a forearm plank with shoulders directly above elbows, hands parallel (or clasped to make it easier). Keep core tight, back straight and hips level. Feet can be a few inches apart. The second partner will stand at the planker’s feet, jump laterally over her ankles to the right. Land lightly on her toes and immediately jump back to the left as quickly as possible. Repeat for 30 seconds, then switch roles.

Make it easier: Rather than jumping over your partner, take a hop over your partner with the left foot and allow the right to follow. To go back the other way, simply take a hop with the left foot and allow the right to follow.

Make it harder: The partner holding the plank can alternate by moving between a forearm plank to a high plank throughout the 30 seconds. To do this, push up on the right forearm to the right hand, then follow with the left forearm up to the left hand. Next, lower the right side down back to the right forearm and subsequently the same on the left side and repeat.

BFF Sweat Sesh

Overhead Tricep Extension with Bands

Stand a few feet behind your buddy. She should stand tall, feet high-distance apart, her arms extended overhead while holding the resistance band in each hand. Grasp the band pulling it taunt at shoulder height with your arms comfortably in front of you. From this position, your partner bends her elbows behind her, keeping her upper arms close to her ears. Then uses her triceps to press up against the resistance band extending her arms overhead without allowing her elbows to bend out to the sides. Continue for 60 seconds before switching sides.

– 30 seconds of cardio blast exercise (high knees, burpees, or jumping jacks) – 

 BFF Sweat Sesh

Reverse Crunch Leg Throw

Have your partner stand just above your head with her feet hip-distance apart. Laying on your back, wrap your hands around her ankles with your feet starting on the ground. Slowly lift your straight legs towards your her outstretched hands. The standing partner will gently push your legs back down to the floor while you engage your core muscles to bring your legs back down in a controlled manner. Make sure that your feet only hover the ground and don’t actually touch before raising them back up. Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch.

Make it easier: If you’re still working on strengthening your abs, allow your feet to touch the ground for 1-2 seconds before raising them back up to your partner.

Make it harder: For an extra challenge, allow your partner to surprise you and give your abdominals an extra workout by gently pushing your legs to on the right and left side in addition to the centre. Leave the decision up to her and allow your abs and lower body to react to direction in which your legs is being pushed to.

BFF Sweat Sesh

Bicep Tug-of-War

Remember this as a child? Well although fun, this is an excellent exercise to help develop bicep strength and definition. Stand in front of your partner with a staggered stance. You should have either your left leg or right leg in front and your gal pal should have the opposite leg to you in front of her. Grab a towel or t-shirt in one hand (opposite hand of your opponent) and take turns pulling towards yourselves. You should be applying some resistance to the towel making it a challenge for your other half to pull towards her. Alternate bicep pulls for 30 seconds then switch arms and repeat.

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Bodyweight Squats

Stand back to back with your partner and lock arms placing your hands on your hips. Slowly take 2-3 steps forward while bending your knees lowering your body until your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Return to standing position. Repeat 4-6 times.

– 30 seconds of cardio blast exercise (high knees, burpees, or jumping jacks) – 


I like to throw in a bonus exercise at the end of my sessions. It’s amazing what you can do even when you think your tank is on empty. After completing the circuit twice, try executing the following:

Push-Ups with a Shoulder Tap

Face your partner and come into a high plank position. In unison, you’ll each perform a push-up, dropping your chest to the ground while keeping core tight and legs straight (for a modified version you can keep your knees bent on the floor). Push back up and at the top of your push-up position, lift right hand and tap your partner’s left shoulder, so you’ll be tapping the shoulder of the non lifted hand, straight across from you. Repeat alternating that shoulder you tap after each push-up. Perform 8 to 12 reps.

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