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October 29, 2012

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While out shopping over the weekend I popped into a friend’s new, chic boutique (Black Caviar – feature on the store coming soon) and was introduced to what may be the holy grail of beauty products, Eve Lom. Seeing I was already in the market for a new skin moisturizer, once I heard that the Eve Lom TLC Cream is comparable to La Mer, I was sold!

Who is Eve Lom…?

Known in the beauty industry and amongst celeb clients such as Eva Mendes and Kate Hudson, as one of the finest facialists in the world, this 63 year old guru launched her high end cosmetics company – which carries her name, in London almost 3 decades ago. In my quest for improved skin health, the natural way, I have become so turned off by products that contain gluten, chemicals, alcohol and even worse, animal fats. As a result, I have been steering my focus to finding a skin care regime that is simple and toxin free. After doing some reading, I have discovered Mrs. Lom kept the range of her line very minimal with the emphasis on cleansing and exfoliating. A part of what has probably made her so uber successful, she had taken the time to become an expert on the therapeutic side of beauty by studying nutrition, lymphatic drainage, and cranial osteopathy – music to my ears!

Eve Lom

Over the last couple of years I had unfortunately dealt with some health issues which took a major toll on my skin (declined overall health, stress and medications dramatically damaged my skin). Now I have become a firm believer that no matter how many products I put on my skin, its my internal health  that plays an integral role in my state of my skin. I have said this before, but our skin is a mirror reflection of what is going on inside our bodies. However, in saying that, it does help to have a couple amazing products in your beauty repertoire.

I have decided to start with baby steps seeing that sometimes I have reactions to new products on my skin and I have been using the TLC Cream for just three days. I have to say, it will be very hard to persuade me to change to another moisturizer now as it is definitely giving my skin some tender loving care! The TLC Cream is an intensive 24 hour moisturizing cream this is enriched with luxurious Belgium Rose Otto that helps promote a supple, soft skin, assists in softening wrinkles and lines caused by dryness and dehydration.

I think my next purchase from the line will be the iconic, cult cleanser. It contains a unique blend of four aromatic oils in order to deliver five benefits in one, single product; cleanses, decongests, tones, exfoliates and removes stubborn and waterproof make-up. So, I am more convinced this regime is not lengthy at all.

And just when I couldn’t have fallen anymore in love, I’ve learned that she had separated from her husband years ago but decided to keep his name post divorce because 1) it was already registered as the business name, obvi and 2) Eve Lom is an anagram that also spells “Love Me”. How cool is that?!

I will keep you dolls updated as I continue to introduce more of the product line into my skin care routine. For my Canadian readers, you can purchase the full line at Black Caviar 335 Lakeshore Road East Oakville or at Murale locations. My UK and American followers can purchase the line on the EveLom.Com , Beauty.Com and Nordstrom.Com



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