My Luxury Destination Nuptials | Bridal Diaries Pt. 2

January 8, 2013

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Bridal Diaries Bequia

After I finally co-signed PJ’s request for a destination wedding, I made it quite clear that it couldn’t be just any, old destination wedding location. First of all, I’m just not the “all-inclusive, Cuba vacay” type of gal and more importantly I refuse to expect my family and fabulous close friends to go to some location they probably visited during Spring Break circa 2000. After much deliberation, we finally narrowed it down to the exclusive, private island of Bequia. I promise you, about 99% of people who ask me where I am getting married become puzzled when I give them the answer. First and foremost, they are unsure of how to pronounce it (FYI…pronounced Bek-Way) which means the “island of clouds” in ancient Arawak and it is the largest island that makes up the Grenadines. We wanted to get married on a relatively small island that was not overly commercialized and still very rustic but elegant at the same time, and figured that if we were making people travel for our nuptials, that we would want them to have the experience of a lifetime. It is also a location that my family and I travel to yearly because my Father is from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Unfortunately, Bequia isn’t the easiest island to get to; one must fly through Barbados (or they can chose Grenada or Trinidad) and then take a tiny scheduled flight, on a tiny 17 seater plane, or charter a private plane to get there. The other option is to fly from Barbados to St. Vincent and then take a ferry boat across. A bit of a logistical nightmare for guests but it’s absolutely worth the trouble to get there – trust me! But getting to the island has always been part of it’s charm and uniqueness. This location has also allowed us to decrease the number of invited guests which was totaling over 350 – which is completely and utterly ridiculous!

Bridal Diaries Bequia

Boarding Mustique Airways 11 seater private charter plane to Bequia for a family vacation (April 2011)

This petit island has unique, magical charm that is extremely difficult to find anywhere else in the Caribbean. Visitors choice of escape during their trip there can be a luxury hilltop or beach front villa (preferably my choice), self-catering apartment, small boutique hotel, friendly beachfront guesthouse or a privately chartered yacht swaying quietly at the anchor of a deserted beach – and I mean deserted. You can sometimes be the only person on a beach for hours as you will see from some of the images I took during our last vacation there.  Located just 9 short miles from St. Vincent, just north of Mustique, the Grenadines is a string of islands that stretch roughly 60 miles between St. Vincent and Grenada.

Bridal Diaries Bequia

The view from above | one of the island’s private beaches and of the neighboring islands of the Grenadines

Bridal Diaries Bequia

Over the years, Bequia has managed to retain much of it’s charm – having a rare combination of hospitable people, colourful heritage and simple lifestyle, but with it’s modern amenities, many visitors have settled and built winter vacation homes, adding to the ambiance. Not to mention, it is one of the best locations in the world to scuba dive. It’s superb anchorage, which brings many visiting yachtsmen to drop anchor in the famous Admiralty Bay, to chill along the quaint waterfront at Port Elizabeth with it’s bars, cafes and restaurants. With no large cruise ships, jet airplanes and certainly no highways connecting Bequia to the rest of the world, it’s the ideal private getaway for the well-heeled traveler.

Bridal Diaries Bequia

Our anchored boat in Admiralty Bay, Bequia during the island’s famous Easter Weekend sailing regatta

(April 2011)

Bridal Diaries


Bridal Diaries Bequia

Bridal Diaries Bequia

Bequia Harbour during the Heineken Easter Weekend Sailing Regatta 2012

Bridal Diaries Bequia

Bridal Diaries Bequia

Beautiful Bequia Falls

Bridal Diaries Bequia

Historic Moonhole, Bequia

Moonhole is the perfect example of Bequia’s raw and rustic nature. This image just shows a small part of a rocky peninsula comprised of quirky, handmade stone buildings. In 1961, an American couple purchased the peninsula and I have heard that the moon shines through the hole during equinoxes – hence the name I would imagine. Now consisting of 19 houses, which were created as a piece of art, a live in sculpture basically that totally rests in harmony surrounded by nature. From what I’ve been told over many years of passing by speed boat excursions, the trees and rocks that were growing there were not forcibly removed by man made machines, but rather the houses grew and adapted themselves to their surroundings. This resulted in each home having a personality all of it’s own. The materials that make up the homes are; exotic woods, whale bones and floatsam treasures. These have to be the coolest homes in the world!

Bridal Diaries Bequia

Jack’s Bar, one of our favourite restaurants where we like to swim post meal located in Lower Bay

Bridal Diaries Bequia

Sunsets caught while sailing from Mustique to Bequia with absolutely no filter. (2011)

Bridal Diaires Bequia

Bridal Diaries Bequia


Now that you have gotten a little glimpse at this hidden gem, I am sure you can understand why we want to get married on this idyllic island with all our family and close friends. If you are interested in finding out more information on the island of Bequia, you can check it out here on the Bequia Facebook Page or on

If you missed My Bridal Diaries Part 1 | My Luxury Destination Nuptials, click Here  and stayed tuned for the next installment of Bridal Diaries coming soon!



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