Canada’s Best Beauty Boxes Revealed

February 17, 2013

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Canda's Top Beauty Boxes

The latest craze in the beauty industry has to be beauty boxes, which are customized delivered packages of deluxe makeup and skincare products for a set monthly price, which has been all the rage in the U.S. for quite some time now, but until only recently has it been gaining traction north of the border. Although we do not currently have cult beauty fave Birch Box here in Canada (who has recently expanded to the UK, Spain and France) there are still some pretty cool options for monthly beauty boxes for us Canucks. This is hands-down the optimal way for beauty product addicts to be able to try the latest and most popular products on the market in a cost effective way. Conversely, it’s a great way for beauty novices’, such as myself, to get to test out products without having to make the commitment of having to purchase the full sized products. To help make your life easier and a bit more “beautiful”, I’ve rounded up the best beauty boxes in Canada, that you may be interested in subscribing to…

1) Glossybox

Glossybox likes to think of themselves as aĀ  globally inspired beauty box company, with exclusive access to beauty brands from across the world. If you choose to subscribe to Glossybox, you can expect to receive five samples each month (all high end drug store beauty brands). Lucky for members, the company is very transparent about what’s going to be placed in their boxes every month on their website and they always provide a good mix between makeup and skincare products. I love the fact that they have beauty box collaborations or themes such as January 2013’s “Man Repeller” (one of the top fashion blogs online) box.

Glossy Box

2) Top Box

Ummm, Top Box is pretty damn awesome if you ask me, and for just $12/mth you can receive four deluxe beauty brands that have heavy cult followings; Stila, Clinique, Skinceuticals and Benefit. To help the company narrow down what exactly they should send to you, subscribers can fill out a beauty profile – however it is not required or necessary. Also, they send out a pretty good mix of skincare and makeup each month. For those who are more into makeup than skincare – this is the optimal choice for you. The one downfall – and yes, there is a slight downfall – there is a wait list for subscriptions, however it is only 30 days.

Top Box Beauty Box

3) Glymm

In between the price of Glossybox and Top Box’s subscription charges, you will find Glymm for about $15/mth. For that price, beauty feens will get four to five luxury beauty brand samples from companies like; Cargo, Caudalie, Anastasia and Butter London. Seriously, I would be more than “A-OK” with just receiving a box full of Caudalie products every month. Another company with a beauty profile to be filled out – for optimal satisfaction with the monthly deliveries. For those of you who are “points whores” (love collecting Sephora beauty points or airmiles), will also love Glymm as they give you the opportunity to fill out surveys on the samples you get each month, which earns you points that go toward their online shop – double score! There is nothing better to be getting to try samples for next to nothing and then to be able to buy the full sized product at a discounted price. And if that’s not enough, Glymm also has a program specifically for men; Glymm Man. The downfall, if you are looking for a fair share of makeup, this is the wrong choice for you and most of the beauty products are anti-aging.

Glymm Beauty Box

4) Loose Button’s Luxe Box

Luxe Box Is the creme de la creme of beauty boxes – I must say it’s quite posh in the world of sample product boxes in Canada. They offer seven to eight samples monthly from premium/luxury brands such as Prada and Valentino. In addition to high end brands, each box is monogrammed with the subscriber’s initials (very dope) and they also receive free shipping at the Luxe Boutique, access to private events, product launches, beauty tutorials and tips. Membership costs are the most cost effective due to the fact that memberships are only charged every three ($26), six or twelve months – but you must commit to a minimum of three months. I love the fact that members can also prick and reserve products so that they appear in their next box.

Luxe Box

Are you currently subscribing to any monthly beauty boxes? If so, which one(s)…



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  1. Erica says:

    Great review Sasha!! šŸ™‚ I’ve tried Loose Button’s Luxe Box several times and love it! They don’t skimp out either, it’s worth the price. For Christmas they even did an Advent Calender with a beauty surprise each day until Christmas… it was so much fun to open!

  2. Lori says:

    Teach me how to love haters (LOL) What’s a Avent Calander?

    I have a website, I have a “Just for Me” Box with full size products now.

    I also wrote How to Start a Subscription Box. You can find it on or Kindle for Amazon

    • Sasha says:

      Hey Lori, Thanks for your reading the post. An advent calendar is a special calendar used to count down the days in anticipation of Christmas. So when the previous commenter mentioned it, each day leading up to Christmas she would have a new beauty product to open.

      I checked out your site…I love it. I have not yet seen monthly boxes for health and wellness until passing by your site. Will keep it bookmarked!



  3. Vanessa says:

    Just wanted to let you know that glymm has sadly gone out of business! šŸ™ just thought you should know šŸ™‚

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