How to Combat Cold & Flu Season 101

April 18, 2016

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Vicks Cold & Flu

As a blogger/freelancer with no real 9-5 job, I’m on the go 7 days a week. As much as I love the idea of being my own boss, not working for someone else pretty much means, no sick days. If I’m not working, this girl isn’t getting paid. I can’t afford to check out at the first sign of a sneeze, so DayQuil and NyQuil COMPLETE help me combat the dreadful cough and cold symptoms during flu season.

Vicks Cold & Flu

Every year I cross my fingers that I will make it through flu season unscathed, but unfortunately I’m not always successful. In times where it’s simply too late to combat my symptoms with Echinacea, I pull out my trusted Vicks Cold & Flu Survival Kit; the warmest blanket and Vicks products that have saved me numerous times from the most brutal colds.

Vicks Cold & Flu

I grew up on Vicks VapoRub as a child. When I was congested, my Mum used to rub my chest down with this heavenly eucalyptus smelling balm to help smooth my cough for easier breathing. Still to this day, when my nasal congestion gets really horrific, I slather the rub on my chest, throat and back so I am able to breathe easier at night. The worst part about a cold is that the daytime symptoms are very different than what you experience at night making any flu sufferer feel like Jekyll & Hyde. During the day, I get plagued with sore throat pain, cough with phlegm, headache and a nose that only intermittently works where one nostril seems to stay blocked while the other runs like a broken faucet. Whereas at night, my daytime cough with phlegm turns into a dry cough, my once runny nose turns into complete nasal congestion, not to mention body aches and fever.

Vicks Cold & Flu

My Vicks DayQuil and NyQuil COMPLETE Convenience Pack delivers all-in-one relief of the ugliest, toughest cold and flu symptoms so that I can not only tackle my busy day ahead but also get the much needed rest I need at night. To learn more about how Vicks may help you during flu season, head to and

Vicks Cold & FluVicks DayQuil COMPLETE and NyQuil COMPLETE are available in both liquid and solid form. Products are not to be taken concurrently.

SS Health Tips: While taking these cough and cold remedies, I also love to drink cold pressed juices, copious amounts of green and ginger tea also depending on the type of cold, a light sweat from a gentle workout. My rule of thumb is; for head colds you can “sweat it out” but for chest colds you have to “rest it out”

*This post is in partnership with Procter & Gamble. All views and opinions are of my own

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