Sasha’s Spotlight – Small Business Gets Big Love: The Honey Pot Company

July 20, 2021

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Each and every month we cover a small business and BIG potential that has stolen the hearts of our team. This month I wanted to highlight a very special female founded brand. The Honey Pot, founded by Bea Dixon, is a damn good brand story. Not only does it address an essential feminine need and is led by a magnificent Black woman alongside her powerful team, this brand is rooted in Bea’s deeply personal wellness story – one that really spoke to me as someone who understands suffering and the long, hard, and scary (but worth it) road to wellness. 

If you’re unfamiliar with The Honey Pot Company, it’s certainly time to get familiar ladies. It’s the first complete feminine care systems that cleanses and balances your ahem, vagina! I, for one, have dealt with vaginal problems for over a decade, which stems from my gut health issues, and have used literally every O-T-C product and compounded formulas for yeast infections. Bea suffered from bacterial vaginosis for almost a year and each of her products’ labels tells the story about an ancestor who came to her in a dream and gifted her with the ability to heal herself, unlike other brands, with the power of herbs.

The cult favourite range includes; cleansing, menstrual, mommy-to-be, travel, incontinence, lube, and products to soothe and rejuvenate.

If you were to step into my bathroom right now, you’d find the following stocked in my cabinet:

The Awakening Panty Spray: This heavenly smelling spray can be used on panties, underarms, feet and even in your shoes and designed to help you freshen up FAST! This naturally derived feminine deodorant spray is made without artificial fragrance or unwanted chemicals. Now that we are back hitting the gym and our fave studio classes, this is the perfect product to keep in your gym bag for a quick refresh when you don’t have time to shower after your sweat sesh.

Boric Acid and Herbs Vaginal Suppositories: pH outta whack? Need to rebalance from the inside-out? Here’s THE product for YOU. Made with boric acid, tea tree oil, plus cocoa butter; these suppositories help to rebalance, but many use it to help with on-going BV or yeast related symptoms.

100% Organic Tampons: I’ve made many changes to what I use when it comes to menstruation products. For the last year or so, in an effort to eliminate waste and to use products that are healthier for my body, it’s been menstruation cups (The Honey Pot Company has these too) and organic tampons that I happened to pick up the later during a Target run in California and it is one of my best Target finds to date. 

Interested in trying out The Honey Pot Company’s products? Click here to find a store near you if you’re in the US and the brand can also be found on Amazon.

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