5 In-Flight Travel Must-Haves For The Savvy Traveler

January 22, 2013

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So Sasha's 5 Travel Must Haves

Are you a savvy traveler…? If you’re constantly on the move crossing the globe either for business or pleasure, you understand that it’s crucial to have some key items which you not only need, but love as well! Whether your travel expertise has allowed you to come up with your own necessary “jet-set” items or you are looking for a little help in this department, take a glance at these travel must haves to make sure you have everything you need the next time your flight leaves the tarmac.

Molami Headphones

1. Molami Napa White & Gold Headphones $300 USD

Nothing ruins a plane flight for a business trip or vacation like a screaming baby or the annoying sound of your in-flight neighbour snoring away. Noise cancelling headphones have been around for quite a while, with Beats by Dre being all the rage lately. But why not compliment your chic jet-set outfit with headphones that are designed from a fashion standpoint – worn as a selected accessory. These beyond epic Pleat Napa White & Gold headphones compliment the bone structure of the face to frame your look. The white colour will definitely make you a standout in the Executive Class cabin.

Evian Mineral Water Spray

2. Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray $15

If you have logged thousands of miles on planes you are already well aware that sitting in the aircraft cabin for long periods of time causes your skin to become dehydrated, dry, cracked, etc. This has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves when traveling. Ladies (and gents), make sure you carry a good facial spray to keep your skin hydrated. The mineral balance and neutral pH makes this spray perfect for thirsty skin. The spray also sets make-up and neutralizes the upper layers of the skin – it can aid in removing ocean salt and dreaded pool chlorine from your skin – BONUS! This TSA approved bottle of wonder comes in four different sizes depending on the length of your journey and will help you look refreshed when you de-plane from a long-haul flight.

Bottega Veneta iPod Case

3. Bottega Veneta Edoardo Intrecciato Napa iPad Case $1,000

Of course you cannot travel without a good protective skin for your trusty travel companion (aka iPad), so why not interject some serious style with this ultra classy Bottega Veneta leather case, which features a snap button closure and a line interior to protect your iPad from potential dropping.

Neck Pillow

4. Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow $50 now on sale for $16.99

Traveling on a long haul, non-stop flight sometimes makes getting rest prior to landing virtually impossible, unless you are in Executive Class. We’ve all been there a few times so getting a good neck rest pillow is an absolute MUST to avoid straining your neck and getting the sleep you need to start your trip off on the right foot.

Louis Vuitton Case With Mirror

5. Louis Vuitton Case with Mirror $4,500

This beyond gorge travel case in Louis Vuitton’s classic monogram is every girl’s dream and can be used to hold many different things when globe trotting such as jewelry, make-up and other travel essentials. Let’s be for real, at this price point, this case should expand out into an in-flight bed! But…this luxury case does boasts an S lock with key, washable interior, a mirror on the inside of the top cover, studded leather trim and a removable natural cowhide ID holder.

I am sure many of your readers are savvy travelers…what are you travel must haves?



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