So Sasha - Hatch Collection Harbour Dress

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I have blossomed out of nowhere it seems within the last 4-6 weeks. That mini baby bump I was rocking in the second trimester has long gone my friends and now it looks like I have swallowed a damn basketball. Truthfully, I don’t remember the last time I saw my feet. The fatigue is really […]



8 Reasons Why You Should Be Weight Training


Mommy + Me Grey County Adventure


Test Driving the ASICS Metaride Running Shoe 


Custom Mommy + Me Bathers


I bet if we were all told 5 years ago that we were going to be in a long term lockdown due to a global pandemic, working from home for a year, perpetually having to wear K95 face masks whenever we left the house for “essentials”, with kids doing remote learning from home, never in […]

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Dressing for the transition between seasons can be fun sometimes but seldom easy. Having to make decisions between skirts or pants, light or dark colours, fabric choices and of course footwear. Choosing a pair of shoes can pose as a difficult task because you don’t want to look like that crazed lunatic wearing sandals when […]

Stepping Into Fall With Transitional Chic Booties


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Not too long after launching my site I was blessed with the opportunity to partner with Ann Taylor so the company is very near and dear to my heart. Living in the U.S. for several years I was already familiar with the brand but became an official part of their family when I was named […]

Getting To Know Ann Taylor’s Creative Director Lisa Axelson


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Over the years my outfits have always consisted of one statement piece, which was usually in the form of a handbag, piece of jewellery or shoes but it was not until recently that I let these items take a back seat and allowed my pants to take all the shine and glory. Over the past […]

The Printed “Statement” Pant | What I’m Wearing


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There is something about a classic oxford button shirt that I have always been drawn to. About 7 years ago I begun to see the Olsen twins wearing them in unexpected ways; with leather pants, distressed denim and with vintage shorts and I immediately adopted several for my wardrobe. There are few qualities that help […]

Weekend Wear | Oxford Shirt + Vintage Denim


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As I sulked all winter I spent quite a bit of time day dreaming about what I plan to wear next season once spring has arrived and now that it’s here (well…sort of), it’s time for me to start putting those plans into action. First on my list was to immediately ditch some of the […]

Spring Essentials | Neutrals & The Perfect Trench


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Now that Toronto Fashion Week has finally come to a close, I’ve replaced my amazing custom pieces (that I have been blessed to wear throughout the week) with a more laid back look that still manages to look stylish. Everyone has their own interpretation of “Weekend Wear”, but I like to go for a chic, […]

Chic Weekend Wear | What I’m Wearing


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While most may think a leather moto jacket is one dimensional, I find them to be versatile and allows the wearer to expertly juxtapose items that are not necessarily expected to go together. It is a key investment piece that everyone should have in their closet due to it’s ability to transform an outfit within […]

Plenty of Pleats and & Colour Blocked Moto | What I’m Wearing


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As a habitual skinny jeans and leather pants wearer for the last seven years (at least), I believed that there would be nothing or nobody that could get me into wide leg trousers but leave it up to BAZZUL Designer and Creative Director Felicia Burke to get me out of my fashion comfort zone. Whenever […]

Embracing The Wide Leg Trouser Movement | What I’m Wearing


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Real fans of J.Crew are already well aware of the brand’s “Lust List” pieces they launch under their separate and exclusive line,  J.Crew Collection. For those who are unfamiliar with this hidden gem, J.Crew’s Creative Director and internal ambassador Jenna Lyons explains that, “the Collection started as an idea of taking the classic elements of […]

Luxe Leather by J.Crew Collection | What I’m Wearing


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