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Gut Health Series Part Two: 7 Detoxifying Yoga Poses to Boost Digestion

Have you ever been two days into your dream vacation or work trip and your GI tract suddenly turns against you? Trust me when I say it’s not bad timing…it’s travel that is to blame. Why? Well, stomach issues tend to happen when we are out of our routine, which unfortunately means that trip you’ve […]



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I bet if we were all told 5 years ago that we were going to be in a long term lockdown due to a global pandemic, working from home for a year, perpetually having to wear K95 face masks whenever we left the house for “essentials”, with kids doing remote learning from home, never in […]

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I have been wanting to write about this topic for a long ass time. I have touched on leaky gut syndrome from time to time on a surface level over the years, but have never really been able to do a deep dive into just how bad my gut issues were and the FULL impact […]

Gut Health Series Part One – How I Developed Leaky Gut


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We’ve been talking a lot about the benefits of fermented supplements amongst the team here at So Sasha and have become a bit obsessed on it’s health benefits. Earlier this week Sasha schooled us on the importance of gut health and how to diagnose a very common, undiagnosed condition called “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. In case […]

Delicious Genuine Health Recipes Your Gut Will Thank You For


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Did you know our health is ultimately determined by the state of our gut? I’ve touched on this before here on the blog but I can’t reiterate it enough how important it is and here’s why. For the better part of the last decade I’ve dealt with a rare kidney disease and chronic pain issues…and […]

Gut Health. Why it’s Important and the Focal Point to Overall Health


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Have you ever noticed in the summer months you feel your best physically and mentally? We generally eat more fresh fruits and veggies, exercise and enjoy the outdoors, resulting in a lot of natural Vitamin D. For many, the change of seasons into fall and dropping temperatures sometimes means ditching healthier summer habits in exchange […]

Improve Your Overall Wellness With Good Gut Health & Dulcolax


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