Fuel For Your Busy Day – Genuine Health’s Vegan Greens+ O

It is almost impossible to get your recommended daily intake of greens and through the food we eat alone, so I will always be an advocate of nutrient rich supplements like Genuine Health’s greens+ formula. For over two decades, greens+ has been Canada’s go-to green food supplement and if you’ve used it before, that fact […]



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I bet if we were all told 5 years ago that we were going to be in a long term lockdown due to a global pandemic, working from home for a year, perpetually having to wear K95 face masks whenever we left the house for “essentials”, with kids doing remote learning from home, never in […]

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I don’t know one person who doesn’t wish they had more energy. I mean, how many cups of coffee do you need to make it through the day? Sure, the caffeine from coffee can give you an immediate boost of energy but that artificial energy can distance people from their natural energy rhythms. Excess caffeine […]

Greens+ Extra Energy: The Key to Optimal Health and Energy


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If you follow Instagram accounts that post healthy recipes, you are already aware that smoothie bowls are the biggest brekkie trend right now – and if you’ve ever had one, you would know why. No matter which type your palette leans towards; tropical fruit, creamy avocado or leafy grinds, they are all equally nutrient packed […]

Green Goodness Smoothie Bowl


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If you eat salads as much as I do, you understand that it’s easy to get bored having them several times a week. I rotate between spinach, kale, swiss chard, red cabbage, mescaline greens, and even regular Boston lettuce as a base and in terms of add on’s, trust me…I’ve tried everything. Or so I […]

Designer Greens | The Kale Lagerfeld Salad


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