Breton Stripes Are Making a Comeback

The fashion industry is notoriously known for being cyclical and revisiting the past for inspiration. I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to fashion history so when an oldie but goodie resurrects itself as a current “Must-Have”, I tend to get a bit excited. This fall one of my go-to American brands […]



8 Reasons Why You Should Be Weight Training


Mommy + Me Grey County Adventure


Test Driving the ASICS Metaride Running Shoe 


Custom Mommy + Me Bathers


As a modern mom on the go, I rely on the car I drive to take me from meetings to play dates and everything in between. I recently test-drove the new 2020 Hyundai Palisade and after a week getting acquainted with the vehicle, I have to words to describe it: Refined Luxury.   Today, families […]

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I used to have a difficult time on long-haul flights often suffering from extreme boredom, nausea, occasional claustrophobia and severe skin dryness but now I think I have this “frequent flyer” thing down pat. Although I hate the process of checking in, security and customs, I have come to relish the quiet time I have […]

Frequent Flyer In-Flight Essentials


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No matter how bad the economy is, there will always be an exclusive group of handbags, usually unaffordable to most, that will garner a lengthy wait list, celebrity fan base or a price tag equivalent to a high-school student’s first car. In 2003, we were inundated with Instagram photos and images of style stars toting […]

Haute Handbags for 2014: The New “It” Crowd


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Are you a savvy traveler…? If you’re constantly on the move crossing the globe either for business or pleasure, you understand that it’s crucial to have some key items which you not only need, but love as well! Whether your travel expertise has allowed you to come up with your own necessary “jet-set” items or […]

5 In-Flight Travel Must-Haves For The Savvy Traveler


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